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Gallery — Alaska Bound…

Peter enroute to somewhere

This is how I'm going.  Seb's still working on it. This will be how I’m going. Seb’s still working on his gear.

Odometer Start. May 21, 2010.

Day 1 to Pittsburgh, PA
Suiting up for rain.A small, wet, furry critter.The first roadside repair challenge.
Day 2 to Dayton, OH
Preparing to leave Pittsburgh.
The good luck ladybug (LB) The wife of one of our CB1100F friends gave Sebastian and I good luck ladybugs for the trip with the request that we take its picture at the westernmost and northernmost points of the trip. So far, this is it!
At 1000 miles.Seb and Willis at 1000 mile mark. 1000 mile mark.Bill C. with a custom CB drag racer.
Definitely a younger man’s sport.Broken pistons, each with a story.LB in Lancaster.
Day 3 to Benton Harbor, MI

LB in Dayton

Dale's Donuts (under new management)

Maintenance Day

Day 4 to Addison, IL



Day 5 to Madison, WI

LB in Madison

Clare's Garden

Clare's garden

Passing 2,000 miles in Wisconsin
Day 6 to Minneapolis

Steve and Shirlee












Day 7 to Grand Forks, ND

Fargo, ND

Cracked exhaust #1













Day 8 to Glendive, MT

Preparing to weld in Curt’s shop.

Oiling up–for Seb a daily chore for a long time.
Fixing a front flat in Minot, ND.

















Day 9 to Bozeman, MT

Rain coming.

Rain right there, sunny here.

Getting good route advice from Ben Freitag (from Switzerland. Really. Go figure!)

We dodged that one.
See that? Clouds covering the mountains. Unfair, but we got used to it.

Passing 3,000 miles in Montana







Day 10 to Yellowstone (RT back to Bozeman)

We saw lots of dead trees throughout the forested lands out west. Some damage was from fire, but most was disease. Whole mountainsides were affected.

Day 11 to Idaho Falls, ID

Day 12 to Stanley, ID

Morning weather near Arco

Afternoon weather near Sun Valley

Near Sun Valley
Galena Summit


Sun Valley

Rounding Galena Summit

Day 13 to Missoula, MT
Morning fog in Stanley, ID

Hot spring, smelly, and steamy. I’m not as uncomfortable as I look!
Challis, ID.
Passing 4,000 miles in Idaho

Day 14 to Cranbrook, AB
Kalispell, MT
Signage by Niece Ava

Signage by Niece Ava

Nearing Roosville Canadian border crossing (open 24 hrs.)

Day 15 to Jasper, AB

At Lake Louise in Banff.

Crowfoot Glacier.
Yes. It’s that cold out here.
Trust me.

Our first bear.

We have not wandered into a war zone. Explosives are used to trigger controlled avalanches.

Passing 5,000 miles in Jasper, AB.

After terrible morning weather in Banff, the afternoon cleared heading into Jasper.

Looking for lodging in Jasper.

Day 16 to Prince George, BC

Day 17, to Ft. St. John, BC

BC Hydro’s W.A.C. Bennett Dam generating 1/3 of all of BC’s hydroelectric power.

Dam tour access tunnel.

Peace River downstream.

Fish stunned passing through turbines are easy prey for these guys.

Day 18 to Ft. Nelson , BC
Hmmm. Not a single photo today. Can’t remember why.

Day 19 to Watson Lake, YT
Near Muncho Lake in the Northern Canadian Rockies.

What they were eating is a mystery to us.

A whole herd of misplaced bison.

Passing 6,000 miles near Watson Lake, YT

Day 20 to Haines Junction, YT

The Signpost Forest

LB #1 in Watson Lake, YT.
Where LB#1 fell to earth and was lost.

Near Haines Junction, YT

Day 21 to Glenallen, AK
Beaver Creek, YT
Beaver Creek, YT

I made it, Mom!
Seb made it.

Ms. Mangy Moose, but the ONLY one we saw.
Nearing Glenallen, AK.

Day 22 to Anchorage, AK and Environs
Near Sutton, AK
Dave Douglas, aka Alaska Griz, our Anchorage host.

Tsk, tsk.

Filty, dirty

Cleaner, but still no match for Dave Douglas’ Black Beauty.

Black Beauty

Dave explains about Anchorage’s 30-foot tidal range.

Fishermen line both banks of the river in downtown Anchorage looking for salmon.

But this is the only guy catching anything–golf balls!

Overlooking Anchorage

Overlooking Anchorage

Overlooking Anchorage
Above Anchorage

Day 23 to Homer, AK
Day trip to Homer.
Low tide near Anchorage
The “armpit of Alaska” has good weather only a few days of the year, and this wasn’t one of them.

Passing 7,000 miles in Anchorage, AK.

LB on Kenai Peninsula. She has real competition here. Do you see?

Salmon Fishermen on the Kenai River

Farthest West LB
Bedraggled and police hassled at Anchor Point (OK. we were speeding.)

Day 24 to Denali Nat’l Park, AK
Leaving Anchorage
Rain approaching Denali.
McKinley’s in there somewhere.
LB looking at McKinley.
In Denali.
In Denali.
Summer solstice
The Eagle Mobile
Denali tour.

In Denali
Steep drop from the Denali Tour Bus.
Here comes the wildlife series; a nearly complete inventory of what we saw:
A caribou. Do you see? Neither could I.
Dahl sheep.
One each: Bear, grizzly.
A duck.
A wolf.
A sled dog.
200,000,000 mosquitos.
Base of Mt. McKinley.
Confluence of muddy and clear streams.

Day 25 to Fairbanks, AK

Enroute to Fairbanks
Fires near Fairbanks.
True grit.
Marginal for the Dalton Highway.
From the bike that won’t start.

Day 26-27 to Coldfoot, AK (RT back to Fairbanks)
25 miles an hour and 150 miles to go!

Some company and better roads.

Better dirt=better speed, but very slippery when wet.

The Dalton highway parallels the Alaska Pipeline which shows up here and there on the right.

Finger Mountain and arctic tundra.

At Finger mountain on the tundra.

Tundra plants

The finger of Finger Mountain

At the Arctic Circle.

LB #2 at the Arctic Circle


Shock repairs.

Camp at Coldfoot.

Campfire building after midnight. Welcome warmth and bug repellant.

1:00 a.m. and as dark as it gets on June 26/27.

Tundra plants

Off the Dalton Highway safe and sound.
It’s truly an Alaska bike now.

Dirty, but in one piece.

Day 28 to Chicken, AK

Santa Claus and the North Pole


Santa Claus knows.

Alaska pipeline suspension bridge across Tanana River near Delta Junction.

Eskimos don’t wear galoshes. They wear mukluks.

Day 29 to Whitehorse, YT

Downtown Chicken, AK:
Miner Rick explains.

Looks like Seb didn’t sleep too well.

Gas depot

Rick’s trailer.

Fire station and auto repair shop

The Cafe.

Outside Chicken:

Passing 9,000 miles near Boundary, AK

Top of the World

Boundary, AK border crossing

Yukon River, half clear/half muddy

Yukon River near Stewart Crossing, YT.

Spruce and aspen.

The Yukon River and yon Dawson City Ferry.

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  1. Betsy Thompson permalink
    May 18, 2010 8:47 am

    Wow! Not much gear for such a long trip! Got your deodorant??? Your destinations will greatly appreciate it! 🙂

  2. Marty permalink
    May 26, 2010 3:14 pm

    o.k. now, I haven’t seen or heard from my husband Willis in two days – what’s up with that?!! It’s nice to see his pic on your blog though!

  3. Frank Shillinger permalink
    May 27, 2010 8:30 pm

    At long last. We now have a face for the “Great sonicrete”. fr8train
    flat black USAF – 900f
    F-117 w/1100 mtr.

  4. Mark Withers permalink
    May 28, 2010 9:58 am

    Were there pods on that dragster?

  5. Debby permalink
    May 29, 2010 3:28 pm

    Just loved reading your entry, Seb, about the bosons and the bisons! What a great trip you guys are having! It’s so fun to share it vicariously,though I wish right now I had my Ninja back to join you! Party On! Deb

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