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Gallery — Homeward Bound

Day 30-32 to Watson Lake, YT; Bell2Lodge, YT and Vanderhoof, BC

On June 15, 2010 Ladybug #1 was lost in the Sign Post Forest at Watson Lake, Yukon Territory. Now, 15 days later, watch as the daring attempt is made to rescue Ladybug #1:
A rescue attempt.

We placed a sign in the SignPost Forest

Good Hope Lake:

Bell2 Lodge:

Curves near Stewart, BC.

At 10,000 miles.


The Bear Family

Day 33 to Lillooet, BC and Day 34 to Seattle, WA
Heading towards Lillooet, BC:
Passing 11,000 miles near Lillooet, BC.

Lillooet, BC:

Road toward Whistler, BC

Day 35 to Tillamook, OR
MikeL at Mukilteo Ferry
Port Townsend Ferry

Forks, WA
Pacific Ocean

James and his ride
At the seaside

Day 36 to Glide, OR and Winnemucca, NV
Cary’s spotless ride
Cary heading to Glide.
Toward Glide, OR
Toward Crater Lake
Toward Crater Lake

At Crater Lake:

LB and friends catching some rays.
Toward Winnemucca, NV

Passing 12,000 miles near Crater Lake.

At Denio Junction, NV

Sunset soon.
Ready for another couple of hours, eh?

Day 38 and 39 to Salt Lake City, NV and then to Jackson, WY
Desert crossing, eastern Nevada
Great Salt Lake Desert
Great Salt Lake Desert
Approaching Salt Lake City and Uinta Mts.
Great Salt Lake
Eastern Nevada
Uinta Mts.
Part of Ted’s toybox
Ted and Ginny
One-off from the factory.
East Canyon
East Canyon, UT.
Canyon riding with Fast Ted.
At East Canyon
Fish Haven, ID
With Ted
> Changing a cable
Fish Haven, ID
Frog Toggs–rain ahead approaching Jackson.

Day 40 to Greybull, WY

Grand Tetons

13,000 miles at Grand Tetons
Crow walking.
Old Faithful

Quiescent Old Faithful.
Grand Prismatic Spring and Excelsior Geyser Basin:

Grand Prismatic Spring.

Artist’s Paintpots

Bubbling mud.

More mud.

Bubbling Spring.

Dragon’s Mouth Spring.

Dragon’s Mouth Spring.

Mud Volcano.

Sulphur Cauldron.

Dead wood.

Day 41 to Devils’s Tower, WY
Shell Canyon, WY.
Approaching Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower, WY.
Devil’s Tower, WY
Three bugs.
Campground at DT.

Day 42 to Murdo, SD
Wildlife at Devil’s Tower.

Devil’s Tower Base Trail

Prayer cloths.


Crazy Horse:

Artist’s vision.

Needles Highway:

Riding the Needles Highway to a one-lane tunnel.
One lane tunnels.
Traffic jam at tunnel.

Mt. Rushmore.

Wall Drug
The Badlands

Sheriff stop at motel with pink neon.

Day 43 and 44 to Omaha, NE and Redfield ,IA
Passing 14,000 miles in Nebraska.
At SAC Museum near Omaha, NE
Louise, a real prairie pirate, with two imposters. Arrrg!

Dexfield Park Markers near Dexter and Redfield, IA

The Rock:
On the White Post Road outside of Casey, IA

Jesse James Memorial:

Day 45 to Kansas City, KS
Talking with Ike and Nancy, part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Around Kansas City house
Kansas City House

Nursery where Jan was raised, maybe Debby, too.

Inside the walls in Grandma Brown’s room.
Down the stairway.

Front hallway.
Front hallway.

Breezeway and Dad’s workshop are no longer there.

Where the workshop once stood.
Where my Cadillac once stood.

Good eats, here.

Day 46 and 47 to St. Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

Our first stop at a Sonic drive-in.
The Gateway Arch

Passing 15,000 miles!

Upstairs was always private and remains off-limits.
TV’s were everywhere! This one in the dining room.
Dining room.
Jungle room.

Relaxing room.
Billiard room.
Jungle room, again.
Back yard.
Press office.
Racquetball court.
A trophy wall…one of many.
Modest pool.
More trophies inside racquetball court.
The King lies here.
Lunch soon.
The smell was indescribably delicious.
Memphis BBQ is different and very good.

Day 48 to Leeds, AL

Day 49 to Etowah, TN
Barber Motorsports Park:






Cherohala Skyway.
Cherohala fog.
Arriving at Deals Gap.

At the Dragon:

>Tree of Shame

Up the Dragon. Not very exciting.
Down the Dragon, part 1.
Down the Dragon, part 2.

Day 50-53 Home.

Passing 17,000 miles.
The last state sign.
Odometer End. August 3, 2010. Trip mileage: 17,479

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