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A Quick Update

July 29, 2010

Another quick note to let you know of our progress and what we owe you.  After Jackson, WY, we visited Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, several interesting places in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the SAC Air Force museum near Omaha, a working farm in Iowa including several stops of historic note, a visit and tour of the farmhouse where I was raised in Kansas City,  and a scheduled maintenance stop in St. Louis. 

We are now bound for Memphis tonight, and expect to be at least touching down in Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia over the next few days.  After that, we’ll head up the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and make a stop in Wilmington, DE before the final push back home.

I think I’ll take a vacation after this!

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  1. Sky Cole permalink
    July 29, 2010 12:16 pm

    I regret that I got behind in your itnerary and didn’t give you the names of half a dozen great barbeque places in Kansas City and a couple exceptional museums.

    If you have left Memphis–turn around; go back. Do NOT miss Rendezvous Barbeque. Skip Corky’s for the wet rub if you have to, but do NOT miss Rendezvous. And do NOT miss Graceland. Skip Sun Studios if you have to, but do not miss Graceland.

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