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Yellowstone II

July 22, 2010

In the morning the weather had improved a little. There was a low, thick overcast and fog, but at least no rain. I could not determine why my brakes had failed. There was no leakage, plenty of fluid, good brake pads, but still no pedal pressure, and no braking. I made a few adjustments and was able to get just a tiny bit of stopping power at the very bottom of the brake pedal. Since there was nothing I could really do about it, and since I had good front brakes, I decided to move forward carefully. So we packed up and headed out of Jackson for the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

As we passed by the Tetons, we were running under an overcast and fog and couldn’t see the mountains.  We didn’t want to waste the drive, and it looked like the cloud cover could possibly burn off. Since we hadn’t had breakfast yet, we pulled into the Jackson Airport to get something to eat and give the weather a chance to clear.




To our delight, it worked. The mountains came out, the skies cleared, and weather was no longer an issue.

We passed the 13,000 mile mark right here.

At 13,000.

Lots of traffic, lots of people, lots of buffalo, lots of steam, and lots of sulphurous gases pretty well cover Yellowstone. It was certainly better than the first time we went through. The highlight was a single buffalo trying to catch up with the rest of the herd that had crossed the road earlier. This guy was crossing a causeway near a lake and we found him strolling peacefully up the road in the oncoming lane. He had traffic backed up behind him as far as we could see, and was also backing up our lane because nobody knew when he might want to cross. Next to our motorcycles he was huge and not a creature to challenge. So we just waited and eventually he crossed our lane and moved away from the road. Fortunately we did not meet up with the bear that recently did in a camper. Here are a few photo highlights.

We arrived and it was already ready already.

The Grand Prismatic Spring

Excelsior Geyser Crater

The Sulphur Cauldron

Sulphur Cauldron 2

Leaving Yellowstone in early evening put us out the east entrance out a gorgeous canyon road toward Cody, Wyoming where we stopped and enjoyed a terrific steak dinner at Cassie’s Supper Club and Dance Hall. After dinner we decided we still had energy for more riding, and since I couldn’t find my planned destination on the map we just headed east and got as far as Greybull, WY.

This let us have another experience desert night driving. My father once told me about driving across the desert on his motorcycle using just the light of the full moon. We tried it, but just didn’t quite have enough light. I now seem to recall Dad saying something about following behind a big truck and using his lights. Doh!

Peter out.

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