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Mine is an INNY

July 19, 2010
*Special Announcement* For those who’ve been following the lady bugs on our journey, you should go back a few posts and make sure you’ve read the newly added Watson Lake post… this post will make more sense to you if ya do!

Our trip to Crater Lake was one that was not originally planned on the prescribed route, but what a mistake it would have been to miss it. We are espcially greatful to Cary for being sunch an excellent tourguide, taking us on some of the best roads oregon had to offer, and for riding so hard along them! We were working very hard to keep up with him, which is all the more fun. I enjoy the chase hehe. The ride from the campground in Glide, OR was cool and crisp, bright sunshine glistened off the dew clinging to the pine trees as we snaked our way down the river road towards diamond lake, our first stop and breakfast for the day. For some reason the resturaunt we ate at would not serve me Corn Beef Hash as a side, eventhough they have it available as a main dish… it was perplexing and a little disappointing but I overcame and had pancakes instead. After being filled with breakfast we gassed up and headed out to the main attraction. The park was very nice (and cheap! 5 dollars for each of us), the road zigged and zagged 30 or 40 times as we climbed the outer shell of the mointan before we got to the top rim, which added so much to the anticipation of seeing the lake itself. After we were parked and the gear stowed we made our way to the rim and were immediately rendered speechless.  



History 101! The crater lake was formed when Mt. Mazama’s Magma chamber emptied from its active vents in the surrounding area, leaving a hollow chamber into which the summit of the mountain colapsed, forming the calderra. over only a few centuries the rains and heavy snowfall filled the crater with the most beautiful pristine water you’ll ever see. Its also the deepest lake in the western hemisphere, over 1000feet deep. As with most of the pictures we’ve taken, you’d really have to be there to appreciate it fully. The park road takes you on a winding trip around the rim of the crater here you can see our complete entourage, its whats known within the circle as “The Trifecta” Being a 750, 900 and 1100F. after the park we made our way to Kalamath Falls, on the way we hit 12,000 miles. It was Especially helpful to have 3 people at this point, Cary took the picture for us. We parted ways at Kalamath Falls, we headed off to Winnamuca, Nevada while Cary headed back to his home in Eugene, the ride from there was truely fantastic, the sun behind us as we climbed through the plateaus and breached the desert, the cool air rising off the sands. The Moon was a little more than half full, and we could have almost ridden soley by moonlight if the moon had been behind us. The stars were out blinking in and out of focus, it was hard to stay on task (the road). The lights play funny tricks on you in the desert, I’d come over the hill and see headlights and immediately turn off my highbeam, only to find that the car was actually 40 miles away and we wouldnt pass em for 20 minutes, haha. We slept well this night. 

 Thats it for now! 


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  1. jan smick permalink
    July 26, 2010 1:35 am

    I visited Crater Lake many years ago with my beloved friends Rose and Melonie. Melonie and I believed everything Rose said to us. She said: “The bears never come out before dark.” and ” It never snows at Crater Lake before October.” Well, at the camp ground that day in SEPTEMBER the bears came out by cocktail time, and the next morning Melonie and I stuck our heads out of the tent and it was snowing. It was freezing, but we went ahead with our boat ride on Crater Lake and it was as stunning as your photos!

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