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Reflection and Clarification pt 1. AKA “The Whole Truth”

July 16, 2010

Well I know this post is long overdue. And you all have been waiting with the stoicism of the most devout clergyfolk, so I “suppose” I’ll indulge.

*Disclaimer* The new laptop we’ve aquired from my aunt does not have Office installed on it yet as a result I have to type in note pad… not an all around bad thing but it does lack spell check.
You’ve been notified.

Although my Father has continued passed Seattle already I feel it will be necessary to digress to adress the scope of the story that will unfold.

It began as roughness in the engine after we filled our tanks at the Rancharia Gas station enroute to Watson Lake. The symptoms there were that the bike wouldnt run above 60mph, and would bog when the accelerator was used. Being in the middle of no where we didnt give it much thought, there really wasnt anything we could do about it anyways. on our way down from Watson Lake we stopped at the Bell2 Lodge, A heliSking outpost set up like a swiss challet. Here we were greeted by incredibly comfortable beds, especially the pillows and comforters.. along with a wood burning stove to heat the room. We had a wonderful evening and I took a good chunk out of the new fantasy book I bought in fairbanks
after a nice hot shower.

Our Journey from Bell2 Lodge took us a little off route; We missed the turn. It took us 40 to a dead end in Stewart, B.C. The road there was actually quite nice so it was a extra bonus to be able to do it twice. While we were there we decided to try and diagnose a little bit about what was going on with my engine I pulled the air filter out and it was saturated with oil, which had a dramatic negative effect on performace, so i put the filter back in and we headed off towards vanderhoof. Once in Smithers we decided to take the bikes to get some cleaning done, I did not want to remove my sparkplugs in stewart because there was too much rock and dirt in the plug wells, and I did not want to risk that stuff falling into the engine. With new plugs in – the old plugs all of which had a build up of some unknown substance that very nearly bridged the electrode to its ground, and almost connected the centerpost to the ceramic wall- and the filter out, everything got better for some short tests down the main street we figured we were good to go. All was well until we got to Vanderhoof, I discovered that the bike would no longer idle. ugh. This required me to keep the bike at 5000 rpm the whole time no matter what speed im going. when we would stop I’d make this awful ruckus just to keep the engine running. At this point we knew something much bigger was going on, but we were still pretty far up in BC so there STILL wasnt much we could do about it, so we pressed on. Our next stop took us to Lillooet, a small mining town that had been cut into the side of a cliff along the frasier river, which by the looks of the valley it had carved for itself… had been flowing a very very long time. The road wound through the  valley, hugging the sheer walls on oneside, looking out over the river on the other, which was only about 1000 feet below us! Truely spectacular! The night ended with some delicious greek food: beef Souvlaki for me and another dish my dad had but the name escapes me at this time. “I love you, Man” was on TV… pretty good!

From lilooet we climbed the canyon walls once again on our way to whistler, all the while hoping to meet up with several members from our CBF site that would be commin up the other way from vancouver. This route was especially difficult for me because of the engine troubles.. climbing such steep hills wasnt easy.

**On a side note the way down was quite alot of fun… I took particular enjoyment in the fact that they had these run away truck turnouts every 5 miles or so. Ironically, the road was SO steep and SO twisty, there is no possible way a run away truck could get to these areas without first… crashing headlong down the mountain. Maybe I don’t give the truckers enough credit, all I know is that alot of them were too sharp for our bikes even at 20 mph. We made it to Vancouver without rondevouz, which was unfortunate because it woulda been really fun to be chased down by those guys! (apparently they chased down two other people they thought were us, hope they didnt give em too much of a scare!) Our original plan had us staying the night in Victoria on Vancouver Island but we really wanted a rest and with things the way they were… we decided to press on to Seattle instead. There was 50 min or so of border traffic, fortunately the waiting area was downhill and I was able to peddle my  way through the line, I could not deal with the paperwork and keep the bike running at the same time however and had a terrible time getting started again after stopping.. this made the border guards really nervous for some reason. They kept lookin at their watches even though I told them it’d only take a few mins to cool down before I could restart it. We arrived in Seattle and I remembered the roads to Aunt Debby’s house… which I was very much amused by; I’d spent a couple of months there 4 years ago and everything was familiar. We made it to Debby, puttering to a stop.

Looking back on what I’ve written so far its already too long for one post, and I am Pictureless.. so ill continue tommorrow!

Night =)

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  1. July 21, 2010 9:59 am

    We enjoyed visiting with you last night. Safe journey!

  2. July 21, 2010 10:28 am

    Hey, I posted a couple of pix and notes on my blog about your stay in Salt Lake City. You can check it out here:

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