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Back to the lake: The Daring Rescue

June 30, 2010

This post has gotten way out of order, it should come before Clarification pt1. I dunno how to move them around in order so maybe my dad can take care of it tomororw


The morning leaving White Horse promised to be more of what we had rolled into that previous night. It was a light rain and the cloud cover was just a bit thinner, so there was a glimmer of hope. Our first task for the morning was to have my tires changed out, saving the new tires for after Seattle, and finishing what was left on the tread of the old ones on the way from Whitehorse to Seattle. The Honda dealer was great, they let me use their parking lot to do my repairs, they even let me use their overhang to keep dry. The service guy even changed the tires as I took them off. With that task finished we split up, I went off to find a shipping place to ship the new tires, and Dad went off to pack up our room so we would be ready to go. The first place I went stopped shipping to the US about a month ago but he directed me to a Mailboxes Etc. which had courier service.  I dropped off the tires with her and she said it would take an hour for her to price it out and to pack em up for shipping. I told her I didn’t have that kind of time and I left my bank card info with her and she said she’d leave me a message with the cost. Unfortunately for me, I would not be in cell range for 2 days and wouldn’t be able to get the quote until then. But Whitehorse is only 1200 miles from Seattle, so it cant be that much… more on that later.  Our destination for the night was somewhere around Watson Lake, for a number of reasons.   The first was the sign that I manufactured at Dave Douglas’ (Alaska Griz) House for the Signpost Forest. The second was to rescue the lost ladybug #1. About 50 miles away from the lake we finally outraced the clouds and actually got some sun… it was fantastic. After stopping to refill the tanks we set off to the last leg of our journey for the day. My bike immediately started having some issues so that I could not go above 60 mph (heavy foreshadowing) ; if I tried it would bog down heavily and go even slower, this was unsettling but there were several possibilities as to the cause already rolling around in my head. We made it to Watson lake, found an excellent spot for our sign and made a video as to its location.

But more importantly we devised a rescue technique for lady bug #1! and it worked fantastically, it is now back under our protection.. It involved a spring that we found at a gas station in PA which we had intended to use for fixing my muffler but didn’t, and AXE No Mess Hair Wax “messy look.” Now I’m not one to advertise for other companies really, but this Stuff has helped us with TWO ladybug related challenges and keeps my hair nice and moldable for when I take off my helmet, kudos to you AXE.

We decided that we would stay at a motel in Upper Liard. There was a single motel there by the river, that didn’t look open the first time we went by it, but after going to Nugget City (super tourist trap) and finding out that a room (she called it a “sleeping room”) with no bathroom would run 100 bucks, and to get amenities like that, we would have to double that, we decided to go back to Upper Liard.  It was a really good thing we did, not only was the room much more affordable, and better equipped, but the proprieter was a character not to be missed. Aranka was born into Communist Czechoslovakia and emigrated here some number of years ago and now with her husband, owns the Liard Resort. 

When Dad inquired about a room,  she apologetically described the room as very small, and said it had no internet, but had a bathroom and cost $80.  She insisted that we go look before committing.  The room was perfect, and when we took it, she raised her eyes upward and gave thanks as if she hadn’t had a paying customer in years.  She offered to cook us dinner, but we only needed a beer, so we sat and talked with her.

It is the usual place for the barkeep to be the listener, and the customer the talker, but we reversed the roles this night, and over the course of a couple of very slow beers we learned a lot about the Yukon Territorial government and its liquor laws.  Aranka was not shy about her contempt for them. Dad tried a few times to get her to acknowledge that some of her views were not especially charitable to the less fortunate, but she scoffed at the idea of welfare.  And yet most of her bar customers are local native tribespeople  who are on welfare and she seemed to go out of her way to alienate them with the design of reducing her ability to sell to them.  We saw this happen with two sets of locals who came in while we were there.  Maybe it was just the fact that the folks were already quite drunk and Aranka was simply trying to protect them from themselves. 

We were about to say good night when a man burst in through the door and proclaimed that he’d had an accident.  His face was white but we could see no injuries.  Apparently he had rolled his four-wheeler off the riverbank and into the river and was unhurt, but somewhat disoriented.  Aranka said, “No, that’s our fire chief and he’s just drunk.” We made sure everything was alright before headin to the room, it was a very nice stay and I slept well that night.


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  1. victoria permalink
    July 22, 2010 10:14 am

    I’ve watched TV shows that aren’t anywhere near as good as your posts!

  2. Jeff L permalink
    July 26, 2010 10:23 am

    I only just now found this post. I am SO happy you rescued the lady bug! I’ll be sure to pass the good news along to Nanc.

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