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June 10, 2010

Unfortunately for you all, the USB port on our laptop has ceased to function. As a result we are unable to post the pictures that so eloquently illustrate our adventures. I do not have the mental capacity however, to exchange said pictures for their inherent 1000 word value, for at that point this would no longer be a blog but a novel.

Having only ever seen the American Rocky Mts. for the first time last week (not counting the time I went over them in a plane) they were pretty spectacular. They are blown away completely by the majesty and the magnitude of the Canadian Rockies, however. We spent the better part of Thursday in the rain coming up from Cranbrook making our way through Radium Hot Springs and entering the Nat’l park from there.

The trip was pretty miserable, the temperature couldn’t have been above 50 not to mention the torrents of rain and the wind-chill factor (although the rain did eventually subside by 1pm, le’ sigh). We were immediately stopped by a traffic jam that had arisen from a momma black bear and her two cubs on the side of the road, the cubs were busy climbing a tree then launching themselves out of it, tumbling over each other down the hill in a flurry of fur that looked like it belonged on (North) America’s Funniest Home Videos. Unfortunately we were unable to stop for pictures because of the rain, and the traffic. The road was very technical, sweeping back and forth with lots of elevation changes and a fair bit of traffic. That was soon behind us; our first stop was along one of the many rivers that flowed out of the mountains, it was quite a sight the water was moving very quickly, and the brightest turquoise I’d ever seen water, including the beaches of Clearwater, Florida. The weather being what it was, the mountains were all shrouded in clouds, each of them its own Olympus, most undoubtedly inhabited by some god or another. As we snaked our way through the mountains we finally made it to Lake Louise 80 miles from where we entered the park; our first stop for gas and warmth. We spent a good half hour here, the cashier even bought me a hot chocolate, for which I was very grateful. I am remiss in remembering her name, which I regret.

Our departure from Lake Louise heralded much better weather, much to our excitement. Although the temperatures remained cold, it finally stopped raining, and we even were able to find some spots of sun, though the bulk of the orb’s energies always seemed… elusive, always shining just off in the distance like some magical pink dragon. Now that the clouds had settled on a higher ceiling the true beauty of the mountains was able to show forth. We saw many peaks, jagged and snow capped some of them even still hanging on to the glaciers that are so quickly melting in this day and age. The melt was apparent in the numerous waterfalls that accented many of the taller faces, and in the rivers that flowed so swiftly carrying that water away from the mountains. I think the major difference between our experiences with the American vs Canadian Rockies is that the park road seemed to keep you in the mountains, skyrocketing from peak to peak whereas in Yellowstone you were mostly in the valleys. We were able to get an up-close view of a black bear, slowly grazing in a meadow beside the road. We caught up to a Big Horn Sheep doing the same further down the road.

Finally, with the sun threatening to dip behind the mountains, we arrived in Jasper, a very beautiful ski town which, in hindsight was probably the most expensive place we could have possibly picked to stop, but it was worth it, the mountains surrounded us on all sides, some far off in the distance others very much in the foreground each one perfect. At dinner we discovered another brew that was previously unknown to us: Rickard’s Dark. The waitress seemed to think it was a company affiliated with Molson, which I was actually surprised to hear given the quality of the taste… not something you expect from a large brewery. Either way, alongside Big Sky Brewing Company’s “Moose Drool” (which in retrospect I think I’ve had before, I seem to remember my mother raving about it… hehe) it is definitely a favorite.

That’s all for now!


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  1. Sky Cole permalink
    June 13, 2010 3:22 pm

    Thanks for saving your father from himself.

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