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Into the Great Wide Open

June 2, 2010

Today’s Journey was fairly low key in the sense that there were no major repairs to do like the day previous, for that we were thankful. Our journey took us to Bozeman, MT down interstate 94 as suggested by Wade in the previous post. He was right about the spectacular view, we were truly in awe of the countryside; the rolling hills seemed to stretch on for eternity and the sky seemed to go beyond what normally represented the horizon, like we were in a snow globe or something.


Our First stop was Miles City for gas. There at the gas station we met a Swiss man named Benedict Freitag. Ben gave us the scoop on traveling in the area. Try to wrap your head around that one… travel advice from a foreigner. He rides 70’s era Ducati motorcycles so he understood our undertaking pretty well. We are going to take his advice, thank Ben!


There were two instances where we faced an enormous wall of rain that completely obscured the horizon with precipitation;PhotobucketPhotobucket we donned our suits OF rain protection (+3) and headed off to do battle with the mighty behemoth only to find that the road conveniently circumvented the storm, crisis averted. However its brother was far better poised to quite literally rain on our parade. After our little scuff with the rain we were finally in sight of the Mighty Rockies! The mountain pass we took into town was quite stunning, with snowcapped mountains on each side, constantly climbing, and then finally diving down the backside into the city. Having only seen them from the windows of an airplane, we were quite concerned with the amount of snow still remaining on them. And while I’m on the subject, I’ve found that the temperatures are in the high 50s low 60s here in Montana are quite chilly at 70mph and I wear my rain gear simply to block the wind, this bodes ill for our excursion into Canada, hehe.


I conclusively determined our maximum range today at 133mi, having run out of gas just 20 miles from Bozeman. Fortunately I had the spare gallon in my bags to make it to the next town to fill up. We’ve found that our fuel efficiency has suffered at these higher speeds and our max range is about 70 miles short of what we were expecting. While we make good time, it’s just not enough. The conclusion is to tone it down, finding roads where we can go slower (speed limit on the interstate was 75, and we were doing 70-80) and to start carrying more gas. With the colder conditions I have a lot more room in my bags as wearing a lot of the stuff I was carrying before, so that’s a plus. We also got these cargo nets to hold our signs but they end up giving us a lot more storage room. Carrying 2 gallons each should give us + 55 miles which should be about 180 miles total, which may be enough!

Gonna go sit in the Hottub now!


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  1. Rob permalink
    June 3, 2010 10:17 am

    Also, the Swiss have mad basketball skillz.

  2. David Langlois permalink
    June 3, 2010 10:30 pm

    Come on – Canada’s NEVER that cold – he, he.

    Welcome to our riding weather.

    I’m enjoying your trip, albeit vicariously.

    Are you going through Canmore? If so, my son-in-law has a good restaurant to eat at. Let me know and I’ll send details.

    David (from Russell)

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