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May 31, 2010

On the drive from Madison to Minneapolis, we did a short stretch on the interstate. At one place construction reduced the highway to one lane each way with cones dividing the lanes. Some idiot immediately in front of Sebastian decided to pull A U-turn without warning, without signalling. Braking hard all the way, Seb narrowly missed a pile-up. Had my laser cannon been operational, that minivan would have been sliced in half. He was just lucky.

In Wisconsin, drivers on the highway don’t seem to like to speed. That’s OK, but they also don’t pull into the right lane when not passing. That makes “weaving in traffic” almost a necessity for sport riders.

Our route today was a mix of interstate roads and local highways. From Madison we headed for La Crosse on the Interstate and when we crossed the Mississippi, we took Highway 61 (of Bob Dylan fame) up the west side of the river. This is a spectacular highway with high forested bluffs on the left and a flat plain along the river with room for a bit of farming.

Are we there yet?

We stopped at one of the many dam and locks for a rest and watched them operate a 600 X 100 lock for the sake of a single small motorboat. The lockmaster said they’ll do it for a single kayak, and they might do it 200-300 times a day.

We arrived in Minneapolis about 6:00 at had a little bit of difficulty finding our motel because the Mall of America was between us and several of the city streets actually go into and through the mall and don’t necessarily emerge directly opposite where they went in.


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  1. Jeff L permalink
    June 1, 2010 4:05 am

    Hey, you made it to Alaska already! Fireplace and jacuzzi, what more could you want?

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