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Longest Travel Day in the Bag

May 24, 2010

The Saratoga ride was fantastic, it lived up to its reputation as being the location that just can’t do wrong. (Although as mentioned before, a couple of riders went down.) Aside from that little mishap, the ride was clean. We even kept the group of 25+ from getting separated, save one encounter towards the end. Sunday morning was filled with anticipation as it was to be the official “Start” of our trip to Alaska. Everyone was excited but behind their smiles I could sense a quiet jealousy and longing to join us on our trek. There was even talk of meeting up somewhere in the Carolinas on the last leg of the journey home. We said our farewells and hit the road, our first stop would be Oneonta, NY. We were escorted By Phil from our group (wamkap) to Nick’s Diner where he treated us to an outstanding breakfast. I might add to all you fellow motorcycle riders that a breakfast is far more enjoyable, and rewarding once you’ve ridden a hundred miles or so, it makes you feel like ya earned it. From Phil’s house we left with our bellies filled and our minds set on the road ahead. We knew that it was going to be the longest day of our adventure (save the actual “days” being 20 hours in Alaska) But we took off for PA. There had been reports from several residents of PA who were on in Saratoga with us that there was rain commin in and that we would be riding straight into it. However, I must point out that we are, by very definition of our species, smarter than clouds and in being so we were able to… outsmart them. Well I, guess at one point they finally cornered us and we were forced to take cover under our rain suits, but I digress. We decided that the day would be just too long doing route 6 to is completion, and that we needed to get moving at a faster pace, to the “Slab” (motorcycle slang for Highway) we went. Even with our change in course the road seemed ever longer, with each passing hour the travel took its toll. At one point, I hear over my intercom “Sebastian, brhashh hrhah ahh”
“What?” I Replied.
“Stop your motorcycle, the exhaust is coming off!” My father exclaimed.
Sure enough the hanger bolts that held my exhaust attached to the Foot pegs had come loose and the exhaust pipe was sticking out like a pontoon. We limped to the nearest gas station where we were actually able to hammer the tail pipe back to form, and secure it with the one remaining bolt. With renewed vigor we were on the road again, and within a couple of hours, insight of Pittsburgh, PA the location of Day 1’s end: Aunt Marty and Uncle Willis’ house. As we pulled down their driveway we were greeted by the entire family, including their doggy-dog Cleo. Into the garage we pulled our bikes and let them rest, they had served us well these past few days.
Monday morning has been very relaxed, as I Stirred from my bed I could hear my father already wrenching away on his bike; he has a mysterious oil leak that is making an awful mess (which interestingly enough, is not causing a lot of problems with his oil levels… meanwhile my engine is leak free and going through a quart every 200 miles… go figure.) Willis took me out to do a few errands for parts and a haircut. I write to you all having just returned from that, my bike is all ready to go on the next leg of our adventure!
Our plan for Tuesday is to hit up an aviation museum, one that I Hear cannot be missed, in Dayton Ohio.
Well that’s all for now,
Stay tuned for more exciting updates! Maybe some pictures too!


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  1. Jeff Jackson permalink
    May 24, 2010 5:13 pm

    Good luck guys, too bad I’m in one of three states you are not visiting, you know you always have a free place to stay here. I look forward to reading of your trip.

  2. Fster (Rick) permalink
    May 24, 2010 7:10 pm

    Guys glad to hear you had a almost uneventful day and landed in Pittsburgh safe and sound. Keep the rubber side down and I will check in every day to monitor your progress and maybe give some words of advise. If you pass by the town of Pinkerington OH try to stop in the AMA Motorcycle Museum, you wont be disappointed.

  3. Kok Seong permalink
    May 25, 2010 10:40 am

    Sound fun and adventurous! Looking forward to some pics too.

    Be safe on the road!


  4. glod permalink
    May 25, 2010 6:49 pm

    All that took place in a bag?? Sounds like quite the trip already!

  5. Sky Cole permalink
    May 26, 2010 9:41 pm

    Looking forward ro museum reviews. When I get back from California–Lauryn & Jonas–I’ll keep better track of you travels to be able to give you all a heads up for the local musems and regional food.

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